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Month: June 2024

How Can Small Business Owners Manage the Complexities of M&A?

What is the Process of Mergers and Acquisitions? Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) combine business entities and assets through various financial transactions. The M&A process encompasses all the steps for merging
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How Can You Maximise the Value of Your Business Sale?

Critical Strategies for Business Development Every Owner Should Know Enhancing your business’s value before a sale is crucial and requires deliberate effort.  This is where strategic financial planning becomes essential.
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Top CEO reflects on his biggest mistakes

The co-founder and CEO of Koda Capital, Paul Heath, spoke on the ’15 Minutes with the BOSS podcast’ about the biggest mistakes he’s made in his career. He spoke often of change, and the impact that change can have on the people in your organisation.
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How relevant is generative AI for Australian SMEs today?

McKinsey expects gen-AI programs to cost $3 in change management for every $1 in development and reports that only 15% of companies surveyed attribute meaningful earnings from gen-AI activities. Large corporates have certainly developed compelling use cases. Out-of-stock monitoring (Woolworths), prediction of high-risk centres during extreme weather events (Suncorp) and streamlining of mortgage applications (Westpac) are but a few of many examples.
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Self-Storage Market: Convenient or Costly?

The self-storage market has fascinated me since I first started to notice the proliferation of Kennards, Storage King and many others 15 years or so ago. The basic concept is that as the cost of property rises and many down-size to smaller dwellings, we require a place to store the precious possessions that we can no longer house in our town house or apartment – so we hire a space elsewhere.
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