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Future proofing your business through technology!

Business leaders know they need to embrace technology, and many of us are aware we should be doing more.
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The supply chain challenge

Many of you know that I am on the board of several private companies, five of which are manufacturers. We love manufacturing here at Oasis Partners.
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The end is nigh! Or is it?

I was struck by an article in the AFR on Wednesday (18th August) in which writer James Weirs correctly observes that we as humans are hard-wired towards negativity.
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Getting our heads out of the weeds!

I refer to the syndrome of never getting out of the details as being "in the weeds."
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What to do when approached by a buyer?

In speaking with a lot of owners of private businesses, I often hear stories of them being approached - seemingly out of the blue - by someone knocking on the door and looking to buy their business.
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Time to evaluate

You will exit your business one day. This is just an irrefutable fact; as the saying goes, ‘death and taxes are the only two certainties!'
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The Art of delegation!

Successful businesses are often run by people who are very good technically who then develop the ability to work in a team before becoming leaders in their own business.
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When to sell? This year, next year, sometime… never?

This question was recently addressed by our European colleague John Willcox-Jones. We’ve shared his insights here because they’re very relevant to Australian businesses.
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Every deal is a triumph over adversity

I was recently interviewed by the Talking Law podcast. In our discussion Joanna Oakey and I talk about lessons learnt from doing deals in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, and what the future looks like for the mid-market in M&A.
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