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Author: Michael McGrath

M&A Forecast: Some Light Cloud, Sunny Tomorrow

I’m sure everyone has felt it – that gentle squeeze on our purses and wallets. Whether it is at the supermarket or the petrol pump, the café or the corner store, inflation seems to be hitting our hip-pocket nerve once more.
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Is the unstable geopolitical environment effecting valuations and deal-doing in Australia?

I have been asked this question by owners quite a lot recently. The short answer is not yet, or at least not directly.
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Hybrid work, good or bad for business?

Companies are concerned about the implication of a hybrid working policy on productivity levels, loyalty, team-cohesion, and longevity. The burning questions are: Should work-from-home continue post-pandemic? If so, on what basis? Is hybrid work good or bad for business?
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Four children all on mobile phones at the same time

Your mobile phone – Godsend or ball and chain?

There's a “burgeoning body of evidence” that social media harms young people’s mental health and continuing to use it unjustifiable. This issue affects us all – what is reasonable usage and how much is too much?
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Booming market! Non-alcoholic booze showing 315% growth

Emerging sectors are always of interest to us here at Oasis – they highlight trends and themes which sometimes later become mainstream.
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2021 More Challenging than 2020!

Two out of three companies reported disruption this year and many companies are not expecting improvements until 2023.
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The Market will ultimately do the heavy lifting on the environment

Sustainability is vital and necessary irrespective how dire we think climate change is. We need creative solutions and innovation which is why I loved Kate Howitt’s piece in the AFR on November 1st.
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Future proofing your business through technology!

Business leaders know they need to embrace technology, and many of us are aware we should be doing more.
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The supply chain challenge

Many of you know that I am on the board of several private companies, five of which are manufacturers. We love manufacturing here at Oasis Partners.
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The end is nigh! Or is it?

I was struck by an article in the AFR on Wednesday (18th August) in which writer James Weirs correctly observes that we as humans are hard-wired towards negativity.
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Getting our heads out of the weeds!

I refer to the syndrome of never getting out of the details as being "in the weeds."
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What to do when approached by a buyer?

In speaking with a lot of owners of private businesses, I often hear stories of them being approached - seemingly out of the blue - by someone knocking on the door and looking to buy their business.
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Time to evaluate

You will exit your business one day. This is just an irrefutable fact; as the saying goes, ‘death and taxes are the only two certainties!'
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The Art of delegation!

Successful businesses are often run by people who are very good technically who then develop the ability to work in a team before becoming leaders in their own business.
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When to sell? This year, next year, sometime… never?

This question was recently addressed by our European colleague John Willcox-Jones. We’ve shared his insights here because they’re very relevant to Australian businesses.
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