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A practical approach to realising your business’ full potential.

Whether you’re preparing for exit or growth, our Advisory team will guide you down the most practical path for optimising your business asset, creating sustainable value and helping realise its potential.

  • We understand the anxiety many business owners experience when faced with systemic problems
  • We follow key principles to identify business problems and develop practical, actionable solutions
  • We don’t lock you into contracts and our engagements last only as long as you need us, typically we work with our clients for many years or until they’re ready to exit

A seat at the table and right by your side

The core of our Advisory offering is the provision of a non-executive strategic advisor. Through coordinating and attending company board meetings, we provide cross-functional, broad-based commercial input, driven by a deep understanding of the numbers and market that form the base of your business operations.

Our key question here is where to play and how to win?

Strategy is one of the key pillars that any board and owner must have mapped out. Our work in this area is driven by market data and analysis and is also informed by the owners often considerable knowledge and insights. This work is critical to future success and keeping the business focused and on track.

The value of the business is often measured by the future earning potential of an enterprise so having a strategy that supports earning potential into the future provides shareholders with confidence that their business has enduring value – it’s also very attractive to potential new owners and investors.

To create and unlock business value we take great care to identify the sections of the business that need the most attention. In our extensive experience, finance is the business area most often in need of an overhaul.

Our goal in finance is to ensure that the department is both functional and supportive of the broader business. In many situations this is not the case. We help ensure that the standard of reporting is not just highly competent but also easy to understand, telling the full story each month of what’s happened.

We help owners look ahead and approach budgeting in a methodical manner. We haven’t seen a business yet that we couldn’t help, irrespective of how volatile the business sector might be. Numbers are how the business world keeps score, which is why accurate, timely numbers with useful and accompanying insights are very powerful enablers of value creation.

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"Michael and the Oasis team demonstrated a wealth of experience by delivering highly practical guidance during the preliminary negotiation phase, coupled with the requisite technical advice during the later phases of the acquisition process."

Thomas Haines
CEO, Practice Insight

"Where Oasis are very good is being able to work outside the box to improve the deal through the negotiation. On more than one occasion, I thought I was presented with a great deal, but Mike helped ID some trap doors. My sale was extraordinary. We got more than we expected, as we were able to successfully argue the power of our brand and capability rather than financials – which were suffering post mining boom collapse."

Anthony Moorhouse
Founder and Director of Strategy, Dynamiq

"Mike quickly grasped the nuances of our hybrid capital raising requirements for a startup venture in the software arena. Oasis not only identified a highly relevant suitable partner, but provided immediate access, resulting in a very high level of engagement. From start to finish, the outcome was delivered inside 6 weeks. Including cash settlement. Unheard of. Legend."

Darren Beale
Founder, Solidtec Solutions Pty Ltd

"The challenge for Oasis was the fact that we had one major supply company based overseas with verbal supply agreements in place and to convince a potential buyer that those agreements would continue with an approved buyer. We were very happy with the professional and methodical approach of Oasis to find a selected buyer, which achieved a successful outcome within 10 months of engagement. We found Warwick and the team very helpful and very easy to deal with and can only recommend him and his team."

Joe F Blum
Major Shareholder, Intervac

Some of our advisory clients

GCG Health Safety & Hygiene is a health, safety and hygiene consulting firm that provides professional occupational health, safety and hygiene services with offices in Perth, Brisbane and Townsville. The company has an outstanding reputation and is considered the number one operator in Hygiene services in Australia.

Oasis Advisory have provided non-executive board services as well as a wide range of strategic, guidance and support since 2009 and continue to do so. The company has grown organically by 520% since 2009.

Romar Engineering is a contract manufacturing company servicing the medical, aerospace & aeronautical, and industrial disciplines. Romar has an ISO Class 8 clean room and a Lasertec 65 3D 5-axis printer. Romar is now positioned as a highly technical and competent manufacturer of medical device components and products as well as a pioneer in 3D metal printing through its industrial division. Romar also have strong capabilities in rubber/metal bonding through its elastomer’s division.


Oasis Advisory having conducted a strategic and tactical review of the business in 2013 has provided non-execute board services since 2014. Oasis Investments helped arrange a capital raise in 2020 taking a position as part of the raising.

Design to Production (D2P) is an Australian industrial design consultancy. The team at D2P produce an unparalleled standard of original, cleverly functional, and attractive products, ranging from interactive solutions to bespoke installations.


Oasis Advisory conducted a strategic and tactical review on the business in 2017 before commencing its non-executive board service. Oasis Advisory assisted in helping to navigate a revenue concentration issue in 2018/19 which D2P successfully recovered from, coming back more strongly after shifting focus internationally

Dashing Group works with clients as partners and seek to add value by bringing brands to life through their expertise in Print, Technology and Design.


Oasis Advisory commenced its non-executive board advisory services in March 2019 assisting with both corporate governance and strategy, helping to identify and develop new and relevant growth drivers capable of adding innovative services and growth in a flat market.

Harness Master Wiring Systems is an advanced wiring harness facility that specialises in wiring harness design, harness manufacture, and harness repair for mining, construction, agriculture and transport vehicles and equipment. It is at the forefront of the move to autonomous vehicles in the mining sector.


Oasis Advisory conducted a strategic and tactical business review in 2018 before commencing non-executive board services in 2019. Since then, Oasis Advisory have presided over significant change and growth helping to provide strategy, governance and stability, with Oasis Advisory personnel also helping to execute at the executive level.

Loving Earth is an ethically driven company that takes wholefood ingredients and transforms them into consumer products such as activated breakfast cereals, organic superfoods, and fair-trade organic chocolate. The business is number two on the growing organic and plant-based chocolates sector.

In June 2019 Oasis M&A were brought into provide board and governance services by the two principle shareholders. The board working with the shareholders determined a significant change of strategy and focus allowing the business to reorganise under new management which Oasis Advisory hand-picked.


The business is now thriving under the new direction and is seeing significant growth and opportunity, supported by Oasis Advisory personnel at both the executive as well as the non-executive level.

Emerald Planet is a leading Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor of smart energy efficient solutions, with deep expertise in LED lighting. Emerald Planet are at the forefront of the environmental abatement market, with a vision to reduce greenhouse emissions through smart technology.


Emerald Planet hired Oasis Advisory to conduct a strategic and tactical review of the business and the market in 2018. Oasis Advisory then commenced non-executive board advisory services in 2019 providing strategic advice, guidance and support to the owner and senior management during what is a high growth phase.

Price Attack is one of Australia’s largest retailers of professional hair care and pride themselves on providing expert advice on prescribing the correct products that will deliver immediate results. Price Attack provides their services through online distribution and their franchises of professional salon.


Oasis Advisory were hired in 2019 to conduct a strategic and tactical business review before commencing its non-executive board advisory services. Oasis have been instrumental at the strategic level helping to search for and select a new CEO and CFO. The resulting reorganization has positioned the business for further growth as well as introduced a right sized governance regime.

Baxter IP is a leading Australian Patent Attorney firm that specialises in obtaining the broadest possible patent coverage in key overseas markets including the United States, Europe & China. Their aim is to create strategic, valuable intellectual property assets.


Baxter IP hired Oasis M&A in 2020 seeking to improve governance and assistance in moving to a new management structure with the objective of doubling the business in 3-5 years.

KJ Ross and Associates are a software testing and quality assurance company with a mission of minimising software deployment risks with intelligent, innovative and cost-efficient methods. Their services are used by ASX-listed and Fortune 500 companies as well as Australian federal and state government departments to drive their digital advancement and give their customers, citizens and stakeholders the quality customer experience they expect.


The founders of KJR hired Oasis Advisory in 2011 to conduct a strategic and tactical business review before commencing its non-executive board advisory services. We concluded our non-executive services in December 2019 having served on the board for 9 years.

Rivium is one of Australia’s most experienced Splunk specialists. They create value from your I.T. data, helping you use the machine data sources you already have to gain new insights into security, compliance, operations and business intelligence.


Oasis Advisory helped found Rivium, providing non-executive services for over 5 years before Oasis M&A acted for the shareholders of Rivium in its sale to Tesserent Limited (ASX:TNT) in 2019.

Coffee Guru is a fast growth coffee franchise focused on bringing all their customers the freshest products, both across their extensive menu options, but most importantly their coffee. Coffee Guru run their own distribution and roasting facilities alongside operating a successful franchise system.


Coffee Guru hired Oasis Advisory in 2014 to provide both strategic input to the shareholders as well as advice, guidance and support through its monthly board service until 2017.

Planning your exit strategy

Preparing your business for sale to maximise value.

We will partner with you to make this process as smooth as possible.

In a marketplace where there are more sellers than acquirers, taking steps to prepare your business for sale and allowing plenty of time to secure the right opportunity can make all the difference in achieving the best result.

Oasis Advisory helps owners tackle succession, increasing value and preparing their business for sale. We map out multiple pathways to a successful exit so you can adapt to circumstances as they present.


We help businesses develop and execute a growth and exit strategy to increase the value of the business while reducing dependence on your involvement to achieve it.


We provide objective, experienced insight and management guidance to help you position your business as a desirable and high value opportunity to a strategic acquirer.

Board meetings

We have helped many owners professionalise their corporate structure with the appointment of a board then providing strategic council and governance as a board member to bring about substantial profit growth in preparation for exit.

Financial Modelling

We develop financial modelling that provides business owners with a detailed understanding of the financial health of their business to guide strategic decision-making.


Our experienced advisors help you develop, review and refine your forecasts with the goal of articulating a dependable, stable growth story for potential acquirers.


We support owners preparing to sell a business by forming an effective leadership team. We help identify and fill skills gaps, recruiting the right talent to take your business forward.

I want to exit my business, what are my options?

When the business is sold in full to a strategic or financial acquirer, typically to close competitors or allied verticals both locally or internationally. This often requires an earn-out period where the owner is required to stay on and work with the business for an agreed period of time to ensure stability during the transition.

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A partial exit is generally used to access private equity where the owner wants to stay on and grow the business beyond their own organic capacity. An investor or acquirer typically purchases a 51% controlling majority and the founder stays on as CEO to expand the business.

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An MBO is where existing management acquires the business. This ensures stability and continuity within the business, but requires careful preparation and negotiation to ensure the best interests of the owner are realised given the unique position of knowledge and power existing management can leverage.

An IPO generally needs sufficient scale, longevity and a strong growth story to successfully transition to the public sphere.

As the number of baby boomers trying to exit their business swells beyond the capacity of acquirers to take them on, this will increasingly become the only viable option for many business owners. Oasis Advisory has helped many owners achieve partial or full retirement while retaining ownership and ongoing income from their business. This involves a gradual process of de-centralising the business from the owner to improve value and run under a CEO or management team.

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