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Category: Acquisitions

Is this a good time for a business owner to contemplate an exit?

Our view on this is yes, with some important caveats. Firstly, and now more than ever, a business really needs to be across its numbers and have a well-articulated outlook.
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Where to now in the face of COVID-19?

I was recently interviewed by Joanna Oakley at The Deal Room where we explored the enormity of problems facing business owners trying to sell in the face of the Covid-19
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Finally, some positive news!

Busting popular myths surrounding the Australian way of life. As we come to the end of another year, like us you are probably wondering where the time went. Whilst the
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It’s Never Too Early To Sell!

Wal-Mart acquires the year-old for $US3.3b Larger, more traditional businesses offer the potential for significant capital, distribution and scale to smaller, more agile businesses who bring smarts and IP.
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SME Acquisition: Not just for the Big End of Town

Acquiring a business is often considered the preserve of large corporate entities and often this is the case; we spend much of our time intelligently presenting our client’s businesses to
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How most business owners sabotage their business sale

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