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Month: July 2020

Productivity in the New Normal

The article by Sabri Suby in last Friday’s Financial Review on productivity struck me, although not until Sunday when I sat down and read it!
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The Critical Components of Effective Leadership

Back in 2008, Michael McGrath first sat down at a kitchen table with Anthony Moorhouse, former Australian Special Forces commander and then owner and founder at the crisis management company
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Landlords and Tenants – a commercial bunfight!

It was interesting to read the article by Sue Mitchell in last week’s Financial Review talking about the current power balance shift between retail tenants and landlords.
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Is this a good time for a business owner to contemplate an exit?

Our view on this is yes, with some important caveats. Firstly, and now more than ever, a business really needs to be across its numbers and have a well-articulated outlook.
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