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Back in 2008, Michael McGrath first sat down at a kitchen table with Anthony Moorhouse, former Australian Special Forces commander and then owner and founder at the crisis management company Dynamiq. Ant engaged Mike and Oasis to help develop and grow his business, eventually selling the business to CGU following a significant growth phase in 2015.

They both teamed up again twelve years after their first meeting to chat, this time about the current crisis afflicting the world.

In this podcast, Mike and Ant discuss a number of issues pertinent to the current global situation, including:

  • Leading people through adversity
  • “No plan outlasts the first shot in a battle” – what this means for business
  • Why we plan, and accepting that the plan is going to change
  • How crises affect humans
  • The new normal?
  • EarthTech and the need for more social enterprise and big thinking

We hope that you find this discussion informative.

Ant founded and now runs an important social enterprise initiative called Together In Action. Oasis recently became a proud partner of Together In Action.

For more information about Ant and the work he does, please check out the EarthTech website. If you want to learn more about Together In Action and Oasis’ involvement, you can read about it at Social Enterprise.