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Getting our heads out of the weeds!

I refer to the syndrome of never getting out of the details as being “in the weeds.” Looking at the big picture every now and then is essential if you are going to develop good strategy and seriously consider the matter of future direction. Looking ahead is not a luxury which we do when there is nothing else to do – it is the main game! This is hard to accept when we are up to our necks in the proverbial SH1T.


We think strategy days should be built into the annual business calendar – shifting the focus to ‘what to do?’ (direction) from ‘how to do?’ (logistics/execution) is essential to help set direction and re-energise. Management teams love it when they understand that their company has a great and enduring future that has been thought about and carefully considered even better when they have been consulted and included in some part of the process.


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