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Sabervox acquired by Atturra Limited


Deal closed: September 2023
Oasis M&A mandate: Sell-side
Sectors: Technology
Sub-sectors: Managed IT services and cloud services 

Background & motivation

Sabervox provides a comprehensive range of intelligent, reliable, and flexible cloud solutions and managed IT services for Enterprise, SME, and Service Providers. Atturra (ASX:ATA) were looking to grow regionally and the Newcastle-based business delivered against that strategic need. Atturra had strong competitors already established in the area.


Our client was highly concerned about the potential sale being leaked to staff and competitors who are strong in his area.


Oasis Partners identified a mix of primarily managed IT and cloud services targets in Australia and NZ (selected overseas) with PE where already invested.


Oasis Partners worked hard to retain anonymity as we sought a strategic buyer (client name revealed only after extensive qualification and with client approval). The staff and competition were unaware of the process until the deal was agreed and announced.

Our client was happy to support the acquirer through a transition and as such the one-year performance-related payment deferral was acceptable. Our client recognised that we had opened doors and opportunities that he may otherwise have found a challenge.