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Dynamiq acquired by CGU


Deal closed: June 2015
Oasis M&A mandate: sell-side
Sectors: Emergency management, business services

Background and motivation

Dynamiq is a global emergency management company offering medical, security and business resilience services under the one roof.
Founded in 2005 by former Australian Special Forces Commander Anthony Moorhouse, Dynamiq now operates in more than 80 countries worldwide with offices in North America, Australia and Asia.

The vendor was seeking a strategic exit in order to fund future expansion of the business and was therefore looking to stay on as CEO.

When mandated to find an acquirer, Oasis M&A had already been working with Dynamiq consulting as a board member, managing previous acquisitions and increasing the growth trajectory of the business in preparation for future exit.


This was a difficult assignment in a specialist and niche industry. Our key challenges were to have the company valued based on growth potential, rather than on patchy historic earnings as well as maintaining the vendor’s anonymity while marketing to such a niche market globally.


In order to reduce risk given the niche nature of the business, our shortlist was refined to 25 highly qualified targets only. Acquirer CGU saw enormous opportunity to grow the Dynamiq business and believed their partners and customers could value from the additional capability alongside their insurance products. The deal took 12 months to close.


“I knew I needed help, but I also knew I didn’t want some Harvard MBA theory, I needed to find someone who could tailor their advice to be fit for purpose. It took me a while, but when I found Mike, I knew I was onto a winner. Mike, unlike the vast majority of consultants has been there, done that…

I’ve done three deals with Oasis M&A. Two acquisitions and a sale. The deals all went through smoothly. On more than one occasion, I thought I was presented with a great deal, but Mike helped identify some trap doors.

My sale was extraordinary. We got more than we expected, as we were able to successfully argue the power of our brand and capability rather than financials – which were suffering post mining boom collapse.”

Anthony Moorehouse
Founder & Head of North America, Dynamiq