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Successful businesses are often run by people who are very good technically who then develop the ability to work in a team before becoming leaders in their own business. Unfortunately, some owners never graduate and master the delegation part of the skill set until long after they begin leading and some never get hold of this sometimes quite elusive art!

Many owners continue to make all the decisions in the business as they do not believe that others would make the right choices. This often results in the best managers leaving in frustration and those that remain having titles and remuneration packages that assume they are responsible for major decisions when in fact they have become overpaid clerks / supervisors.

We think, that spending time finding and developing those that will push you and then allowing them enough rope to make decisions for which they are accountable is one of the many essential roles of an owner. In our experience when it is done well owners end up pleasantly surprised!

Never give up on the idea that you deserve your very own dream team! On the other hand if your part of a leadership group frustrated by poor delegation start assuming greater responsibility today. Most owners are desperate for people who can help them solve problems and get the job done!         

Good luck to all