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Booming market! Non-alcoholic booze showing 315% growth

Emerging sectors are always of interest to us here at Oasis – they highlight trends and themes which sometimes later become mainstream. Non-alcoholic booze, highlighted in the AFR on 24th January, interested me recently – near-beers, “clean” wines and zero proof spirits are now becoming a thing, with bottle shops or “dry stores” dedicated to the non-alcoholic sector and pubs now having to cater to this growing demand for a healthy alternate.

Whilst growing by double digits in the US, non-alcoholic booze is still a tiny slice of the overall market. 

However, the online trend in the market is booming at 315% growth for non- or low-alcoholic beverages

Now the price of this health-conscious preference, most often chosen by millennials, is high. 

Yes, taking the alcohol out appears to cost a fortune! Nevertheless, it’s got to be a good thing in our ‘alcohol-saturated society’ to see a healthy, tasty and socially acceptable alternative emerging – and if you are a parent like me it’s long overdue!

Why non-alcoholic booze is taking off in a big way

Yes, mocktails are having their moment. Zero alcohol products are now being peddled by both scrappy young beverage companies and legacy booze brands.
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